Project Management as a Service

Project Management as a Service

What Is Project Management as a Service?

Project Management as a Service is where businesses can purchase project management PMO Agile services on demand. A contemporary take on project management methodologies. Gibson Group methodologies take from both agile and waterfall methods to create a very personalized approach for each client based on their environment and culture.

Benefits of Project Management as a Service for Organizations

Project management as a service (PMaaS) is not a foreign concept. Our clients can use project management services and hire as many project managers as possible on-demand to see their projects to completion.

Gibson Group is a contract project management office (PMO) specializing in Telecom DevOps Project Management. Below is a guide on project management as a service, its importance to your business, and how we can help you streamline your in-office project management department as a contract PMO.

Commonly abbreviated as PMaaS, project management as a service is an adaptable consulting service that businesses can use for hiring project managers and streamlining their project management processes. PMaaS differs from conventional consulting, where resources stem from the consultancy, and the client is responsible for the PMO operation. Project Management as a Service is a shift from the traditional views of and implementing project and program management activities.

With a PMaaS solution, your business can establish a scalable model that permits you to rapidly and fundamentally transform your PMO. By adequately fitting the PMO to your company priorities and hiring next-gen project and program management experts, collaboration tools, and risk-mitigation techniques and governance framework, your business can innovate and execute at scale. Consequently, PMaaS provides for an agile PMO that reflects your business’ agile transformation objectives more closely.

What Is Gibson Group Consulting PMaaS?

We offer talented and skilled professionals that can jump in and get things moving. Our project management as a service offers the Project Management Office. This helps carry out assessments, provide governance and guidance, and the experts and tools to elevate project delivery and success. Whether you need all aspects of a project management office or just a few services, we can deliver the experience and expertise you require to execute successful projects.

Why Use Our PMaaS for Your Company

According to Project Management Institute (PMI), 50% of businesses that undervalue project management register an average of 50% more of their projects outrightly failing. Strategic project management is fundamental to any business, mostly since individuals and businesses want to achieve faster and cheaper results.

It serves a clear need as businesses encounter issues when there are more projects than time to accomplish them. Most businesses have project managers under their payroll. However, in most cases, these managers’ methodologies aren’t based on results but on activities. Gibson Group PMaaS manages your project to the ultimate objective instead of to an individual task result.

Our PMaaS adds a layer that improves effectiveness via enhanced accountability, improved communication and processes, and unrivaled expertise. Additionally, our PMaaS adds an independent voice and perspective.

Using Project Management as a Service to Reduce Costs

Businesses have become accustomed to utilizing managed services in most IT functions such as conducting network management, running email, and other tasks. Most of these tasks tend to be reasonably stable but elemental operations.

Unfortunately, hiring an in-house management team to streamline this process proves highly costly. Additionally, when outside a business’ core competency, for example, startups starting to scale, providing that expertise in-house may require heavy investment in the necessary resources, tools, procedures, and processes.

A managed service, such as Gibson Group’s PMaaS, is an alternative, fresh way to mobilize flexible programs, projects, and change management services. This model includes a partner managing all service delivery aspects, including recruitment, onboarding, and training to improve cost efficiency and improved organizational capability and simultaneously improve project implementation performance.

Your business won’t require a headcount on the books. More importantly, you enjoy the added advantage of our expertise in the services we deliver and get capacity and capability at your convenience. With our contract PMO managed service, we take on the responsibility of managing project performance.

Moreover, in most cases, using managed services suppliers allow you to pay less than you may have previously going gradually. This is because most pricing models are typically based on select services provided, complexity, and volume of the projects to be handled within the service.

Regardless, the key focus of project management as a service is more of a shift in mindset. You must assess how your business can go from project management from an operations-based approach with a process focus; to a client service-based approach with a value focus. Our project management as a service helps you save funds as a startup or developed business.

Why Our Clients Are Moving to PMaaS

Like the typical move to managed IT solutions services, organizations constantly search for providers to unburden them from delivering support services. This then allows them to focus primarily on their core competency.
Our clients have different reasons for wanting to move to managed project management services. While it may not make absolute sense in every situation, it may be considered in atmospheres where some or all of these conditions are present:

  • There exists a potent service management mentality in business operation.
  • The company has a global reach that requires improved coordination by a standardized and well-integrated global contract PMO.
  • The company is seeking better PMO cost transparency and manageability.
  • There is a dire need for stability that comes from having one service provider.
  • There is a lack of capacity or capability to offer an effective in-house PMO.

Whether you are experiencing one or more of these, our PMaaS helps streamline your project management to increase effectiveness and reduce operating costs.

Benefits of Working With Gibson Group for Project Management

  1. Trusted Industry experts. We boast of organizational adaptability and experience to positively impact your Customer Experience and your overall objectives. We also have the technical expertise to elevate the level of our project management PMO services we provide.
  2. Ongoing framework. With us, you can identify, prioritize, and launch differently sized projects while providing a consistent experience for your customers.
  3. Established structure. We organize goals in detailed formats to give you clear project deliverables.
  4. Predictable outcomes
  5. Cost-saving and increased effectiveness
  6. Time-tested principles.

What Do You Get With Our PMaaS?

  • Expertise. Our project management as a service provides reach-back resources to attract every necessary knowledge and experience required for every project.
  • Leadership. Our PMaaS offers project leadership which requires both leadership and management skills.
  • Focus. Our PMaaS brings the resources required to handle the process completely or supplement your staff while you focus on other business aspects.
  • Perspective. Our PMaaS is an honest broker. It shines a light on missed opportunities for improvement.
  • Reduced risk. Our PMaaS’ expertise component helps to look out for problem signs and reduce risk and delays.
  • Reduced cost. With our PMaaS, you only compensate for what you need.
  • Vendor management.

The best time to invest in project management as a service is when you lack project management muscles. Moreover, the best time is when you prefer to hire project managers as a capital expense for your project’s duration. Our PMaaS helps to give your team the direction it needs.

Are you looking for effectively streamlined project management? Unlike conventional means, the project management PMO solution helps make business projects more flexible. At Gibson Group, we provide the modern yet effective project management as a service (PMaaS) solution to streamline your organization’s project management and increase efficiency while reducing costs. Reach out to us today to learn more about PMaaS or schedule expert consultations with our skilled project managers.