The Benefits of Agile Coaching

In modern-day project management, there are few better methods of accomplishing a goal than implementing the agile system. But once the training is over, who will be your company’s cheerleader to continuously implement and improve those agile processes? More importantly, how will they continuously improve on the process?

Why Is an Agile Coach Important?

In any sports team, coaches are needed to help bring out the best in a team player and ensure that everyone puts their all into the game. In business, this function is usually handled by a middle-tier manager or a department head.

The brilliance of agile is that every team member begins to take ownership of their respective tasks, and collaboration isn’t suggested but required. It forces cross-company communication, and each team member can contribute significantly more productivity while, in many cases, working less hard. This is because every team member will begin to trust their fellow employees to complete their assigned functions while being confident that concentrating on their own tasks won’t interrupt company productivity.

The agile coach then helps maintain that honeymoon phase for employees long after the initial agile training is complete and guides employees to find productive solutions to problems that may occur.

Tools for Agile Coaches

A football coach runs plays to embed formations and generate situational prowess for players on the field. These plays are designed to allow each player to take ownership of their responsibilities. Likewise, an agile coach can implement business simulations that make learning fun and exciting while embedding agile functionality and collaboration.

One of the simulations we offer is The Mars Lander Simulation game. In short, team members are tasked with launching a rocket and landing it on Mars while simultaneously collecting valuable data that will be sold at a later time. This is a fun yet powerful coaching tool as it helps demonstrate to employees how critical the ownership of small jobs lends itself to accomplishing the company’s overarching mission. It helps to teach self-motivation and business efficiency by creating better workflows within smaller teams.

Practical Applications for Agile Coaches

In the bustling and sometimes chaotic world of call center operations, agile coaches can play an important role in maintaining positive service scores and customer satisfaction. By coaching employees to take more ownership, they can handle more complex and demanding situations without needing to escalate to higher-tier specialists. This one small change, in addition to its productivity benefits, ultimately allows the team members to become more independent while also boosting collaboration to solve problems. 

Coaches also help employees run huddles, a fresh take on inefficient meetings that are information-packed yet precise and more focused. This allows employees to continue to learn and achieve their goals. 

Implementing change can be tough. Whether you’ve already implemented agile within your business or are looking to make the change, there’s never been a better time to get started implementing or improving the agile process. Book a consultation with us, and we’ll show you how our business simulations and consulting can help make your company even more agile.