Team Reflections for a New Year

It is the start of a new year, and as most people do, the team at Gibson Group has done some reflecting on the year past. We love philosopher George Santayana’s quote “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”, and while he may have been speaking from a more political perspective, we…

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What Is Project Management as a Service?

Project management as a service

Benefits of PMaaS for Your Business Project management as a service (PMaaS) is not a foreign concept. Our clients can use project management services and hire as many project managers as possible on-demand to see their projects to completion. Gibson Group is a contract project management office (PMO) specializing in Telecom DevOps Project Management. Below…

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The Benefits of Agile Coaching

In modern-day project management, there are few better methods of accomplishing a goal than implementing the agile system. But once the training is over, who will be your company’s cheerleader to continuously implement and improve those agile processes? More importantly, how will they continuously improve on the process? Why Is an Agile Coach Important? In…

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Agile Coaching vs. Agile Consulting — What’s the Difference?

Coaching, Consulting, Agile

Agile consulting and Agile coaching have become increasingly popular in software development over the past few years. Undertaking an Agile mindset would require an organization to go through a massive transformation in processes, governance, work culture, and strategy.   Ideally, implementing an Agile framework occurs across various departments of an organization, ranging from HR and finance…

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What to Look for in A Contact Center Consulting Firm

Call Center

Contact center consulting firms are gradually taking center stage, with operations tailored to provide excellent customer service. Organizations have a lot riding on the quality of their customer experience. As a result, there’s a rise in businesses focusing on call center leadership and management. Let’s look at the core elements that come together to form…

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What is Agile Coaching and Why You Should Adopt It

Agile Coaching

In recent years, with organizational culture constantly evolving, you may have heard the term Agile coaching frequently used. The Agile methodology has significantly risen in popularity over the last decade and continues to do so as more and more organizations realize its many benefits. The demand for Agile coaches rises with each passing year. The…

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Why Business Simulation Training is So Valuable

Businesses have long recognized the benefits of simulations and learning-by-doing. Using models as learning tools is an excellent way of furthering students’ understanding of a subject. Mock trials, Model United Nations, and various other examples are testimony to the rising popularity of such experiential learning methods. More recently, business schools and corporations have started to…

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DevOps Project Management —To Outsource or Not?

Coaching, Consulting, Agile Methodology

The DevOps approach to project management incorporates lean and Agile principles. Drawing together development engineers, operations, and quality assurance throughout the life cycle of a project. Like customers and business owners, the stakeholders collaborate to deliver the software in a constant manner. This approach, as is evident, enables businesses to maximize the speed and efficiency…

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